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Update On The Orphan/Visitor House in the Solomon Islands

On Friday July 3, 2015 I received several great photo’s of the construction progress for the 55ft X 35ft Orphan/Visitor House in Fa’arau, Solomon Islands! Look closely at the interior photo and notice the fluorescent lighting fixture? Since there is no electricity in Fa’arau the lighting will be provided by

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My Brother in Christ, Doctor Rick Bass

Back in 2012, I was sharing my Solomon Islands/ Papua New Guinea slide show presentation in my living room with a group made up of people from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri. It is quite normal for me to invite 10 -15 people over to my

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Our Journey with Jesus in Fa’arau Solomon Islands

My first ministry trip to the Solomon Islands was in August of 2008. I connected with Freddie Mannie a 26 year old worship leader/intercessor from the Solomon Islands in June of 2008 in the GPR at IHOPKC.  Freddie was deeply encountered while reading the Mike Bickle book “Pleasures of Loving

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